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Indie Beginning Podcast

Indie Beginning is an audiobook format show focused on bringing readers and indie authors together through reviews and dialog. Every month the hosts, Ben and Marie, will read the beginning of two independently published novels and then read reviews and discuss topics sent in by the listeners on the following week's episode. Our hope is to help indie authors grow through the feedback given by the people who love stories. Submit your Indie Stories at or leave feedback by commenting on your favorite podcasting platform; you may just find yourself on the following week's episode. Thanks for listening!

Dec 24, 2018

This week we spoke to James Wymore about his tale Theocracide and character development traps. If you missed last week’s episode where Marie introduced Theocracide head back to episode 42. He has a great take on discovery writing and some sound advice for those who have always wanted to write, but felt it isn’t practical. Stay tuned after the episode for a message from Marie and Ben about the future of Indie Beginning and ACNBooks.

Happy Holidays!