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Indie Beginning Podcast

Indie Beginning is an audiobook format show focused on bringing readers and indie authors together through reviews and dialog. Every month the hosts, Ben and Marie, will read the beginning of two independently published novels and then read reviews and discuss topics sent in by the listeners on the following week's episode. Our hope is to help indie authors grow through the feedback given by the people who love stories. Submit your Indie Stories at or leave feedback by commenting on your favorite podcasting platform; you may just find yourself on the following week's episode. Thanks for listening!

Oct 15, 2018

This week Benjamin Franke narrates the beginning of Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves by MacCraw. A dark spirit unleashed an un-killable army of werewolves on the world, reinforced by an eternal solar eclipse that will keep its army transformed. This week’s episode is brought to you by Shirts by Sarah. Head over to to find the shirt that that transforms your soul. Remember to subscribe to the podcast to keep up to date with the stories and the discussions. And now, get those headphones on tight and don’t worry about that presence you sense just over your shoulder as I introduce you to Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves.

Ravage: Apocalypse of Wolves is available on Amazon. Remember to leave a review for this story and all stories you read when you finish. Any review left for this story on our ACNBooks page will be featured on next week’s episode. You can also help the Indie Beginning Podcast by leaving a 5 star review on ApplePodcasts, Stitcher or wherever you listen to your shows. Reviews are so important for any project. They promote the show  and help us bring you the best content possible. Tune in next week when we talk to indie author MacCraw about his story, keeping popular themes fresh, and more. Indie Beginning is an ACNBooks production. All readings in this episode were performed by Benjamin Franke with permission from the author. Production and editing of the podcast was also done by Ben. Thanks for listening.